JJ Grey and Mofro artsoulblog.com

Here comes the soul of artsouldblog.  Recently, my brother gifted me with a StubHub gift card that I used to see JJ Grey and Mofro.  I’ve listened to his music for some time now but for whatever the reason, never took the time to see him in person.  My mistake.  

Seeing him in person was an experience I find hard to describe.  It was an experience I wasn’t expecting.  And an experience I won't forget.  

As the crowd waited in anticipation, I fumbled through my purse, checked my iphone, laughed at a few dumb jokes my husband was cracking.  The other members of his band lightly began.  I continued fumbling.  That is, until I heard what I can only describe as a train in the distance getting closer and closer.  I looked up to see none other than JJ himself entering from backstage playing his harmonica in the most soul pressing way.  I was hooked.  Snatched up like a hobo for the next hour and a half.  I was on his journey through his swamp and loved every minute of it.  

Concerts will never be the same.  

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