A Blog About A Blog artsoulblog.com

After a year of contemplating my art and my life, I feel led to write my blog about art and life, or in this case the life that is my soul.  And why not?  I’m an artist with a Journalism degree living life the best I know how.  So, I’m gearing up to spew forth a lot about a whole lot of things interesting to me in hopes you find them interesting, too.  Art.  Music.  Inspiration.  And…whether you want it or not, things I’ve learned to do and not to do, through the steps I’ve taken.  Hopefully, I can save you the heartaches and headaches I’ve been given along the way…though, those experiences move you forward, too.

I like a combination of old and new; urban and rural; gritty yet delicate.  I’m a city girl with a country soul who believes in running wild and free.  If in the end, all I do is entertain myself, I still win.  So, here we go.  Hope.  Trust.  Peace.