Who's at the Farmer's Market?

St. Louis Farmer’s Market and Art Fair

It’s Saturday.  It’s early.  8:30am.  I’m standing in line at SudAmerica waiting to order.  It’s a beautiful morning.  Lake St. Louis Farmer’s Market and Art Fair.  It’s already packed.  I grab my empanada and chicha morada, and wander through the fair.  Exploring.

Veggies.  Lots of veggies.  It is a farmer’s market after all.  Hand-made aprons.  Soaps.  Even dog treats.  I wish I had a dog.  I wish I knew a dog.

A booth of photography.  I must see.  One photo in particular catches my eye.  “Early Morning Ride.”  The vivid colors of the hot air balloon harness my attention.  Not an easy feat.  I have a hard time looking away.  (See the photo below and you’ll understand.)

I break my gaze to chat with the artist.  Kent Smith.  He, like all the vendors here, is local.  Friendly guy.  Considers his art a hobby, as he is retired.  I say my adieus.  Move on.

Grass fed beef.  I smell coffee.  As I’m still savoring my chicha mirada, I pass on the coffee.  That was quite possibly one of the best empandas I’ve ever had.  I see a sign that reads, “Organic.”  I make a quick right.  Tomatoes.  I must have some tomatoes.  Maple syrup.  Jam.  Cherry Vanilla to be exact.  All Hart Beet Farm produced.  Hart Beet Farm, outside of Eolia, Mo, doesn’t just grow organic, sustainable food but they also collect wild fruits, mushrooms and maple syrups.  Obviously, they also make their own interesting, unique flavored jams, as well.  Check out hartbeetfarm.com for more information.  

For now, I must move on.  Goose Poop.  I can’t resist.  It’s Grandpa Spencer’s Original Gourmet Mustard.  It’s a salsa.  It’s a mustard.  Kind of.  Definitely delicious.  I buy two.  And you can, too.  They are available at Ellbee’s General Store in Wentzville or on mustardking.me.  Check it out.  

From a few “doors” down, the smell of wood-fired pizza fills the air.  Too bad I had an empanada.  Nope.  That’s a lie.  I really liked that empanada.

So, let’s see.  I’ve successfully purchased 5 tomatoes, a bottle of syrup, a jar of jam, and two containers of Goose Poop.  What else?  Ooooh.  Cutting boards.  I’m not in need of any at this time.  However, these are gorgeous, and they make great gifts.  Iris Woodworks.  I grab a card.  Iris Woodworks make their cutting boards from exotic woods.  The combinations of wood grains and stains are truly beautiful.  Find them on Facebook…Iris Woodworks.

Oh, no.  I’m out of chicha morada.  I meander back to SudAmerica.  A South American, mostly Peruvian, bakery.  They’re here every week.  I’m tempted to get another empanada but I have lunch scheduled with friends at BC Kitchen.  For now, the chicha morada will suffice.  

With my chicha morada in hand, I wander back through the fair.  I hear “Celebrate” coming from my right and a little gospel music coming from my left.  It’s still early.  Still Saturday.  It’s going to be a beautiful day.

Lake St. Louis Farmer’s Market and Art Fair happens ever Saturday 8:00-12:00, approximately April through October, at the Meadows (20 Meadows Circle Dr.) in Lake St. Louis.  

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Kent Smith, KC Photography  “Early Morning Ride” Framed print 20X16”  Permission to by Kent Smith

Kent Smith, KC Photography

“Early Morning Ride” Framed print 20X16”

Permission to by Kent Smith

photo by Natalie Avondet; permission to print by Kent Smith, artist

photo by Natalie Avondet; permission to print by Kent Smith, artist

photo by Natalie Avondet

photo by Natalie Avondet