Choose Time

Life is short.  For some, it’s even shorter.  No one knows when they will take their last breath.  Say their last, “Hello.”  Kiss their last kiss.  Therefore, it’s important not to waste your time.  Decide what you want in life and go after it.  Whatever it is.  Art, education, family.

You have to choose how you spend your time.  Yes.  It’s a choice.  If you are spending too much time on something, anything, anyone that is not helping you achieve your ideal life, stop.  Just stop.  I know.  I know it’s not that easy.  We all have obligations.  Whether it’s children, non-dream jobs to pay the bills, spouses that take our time.  We love them.  They need us.  We need them.  I’m not asking anyone to take time from the necessary joys.  It’s the time in between.  

Take inventory of where your time goes.  Successful people are constantly looking for ways to improve not just their businesses but their talents and selves as well.  If you like watching television, maybe you could substitute the time spent in front of the boob tube with podcasts, Ted talks, youtube videos on subjects that pertain to your goals and further your talents.  

If you can’t cut your favorite show, try pulling double duty.  Instead of zoning out, perhaps stretching during commercials.  Recently, I’ve started knitting scarves for Operation Gratitude while watching our nightly shows or weekly streamed movie.  For me, it’s a way to quiet my mind, use the time wisely, and give back to those who give to me.  Operation Gratitude is a non-profit organization that provides military soldiers with items they need.  Hand-knitted scarves and hats are just some of those items.  

Spending too much time worrying?  Get outside.  Exercise.  Learn to let go.  Is there something specific that triggers your fears?  Other people perhaps?  Stop giving them your time.  If you can’t, limit their time with you.  Have the courage to set boundaries.  You may upset a few people, but better them than you.  

Get organized.  Plan you day and stick to it.  Creatives are known to use the excuse, “I can’t force creativity.  It comes when it comes.”  I believe this to be true to a certain extent.  However, the great musicians and writers often times remove themselves from distractions for months until the next masterpiece emerges, and it does.  It always does.  We may not have months but we can set aside an hour or two a day.  If the creativity begins to flow and you don’t want to stop, that’s fine.  If you have planned accordingly, you will be able to continue for awhile longer.  

Life it too valuable to waste.  Don’t waste it on anything, or anyone.