Choose Speech, today's that day

Here we go again.  The topic of moving to an abundant mentality and the choices you make to get there.  Have you ever heard the saying, “The words you speak become the house you live in.”?  Well, there’s truth to that.  Studies have proven that your subconscious mind interprets what it hears literally.  In other words, your mind and body will follow where your words lead.  

Being an artist, I am constantly bombarded with negativity from others.  From criticism regarding the artwork itself, to ridiculing my career choice, to all out negative judgements about my intelligence and net worth.  Just this weekend, I was subjected to: “There’s no money in that.”  “Sounds like a lot of work.  It wouldn’t be worth it.”  “That won’t sell here in St. Louis.”  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  Of course, there were many people complementing me on my work, talent and courage, too. 

However, none of the positive complements can I quote verbatim.  That’s because positive and negative memories are handled by different parts of the brain.  Everyone’s brain.  Artist.  Accountant.  Athlete.  A negative memory takes up more space; therefore, we remember the negative more than the positive.

Knowing that our minds naturally gravitate toward the negative and that our lives will follow, it is important to combat the negative, no matter where it comes from, with positive thoughts and positive speech.  Positive language about you, your journey, your dreams help you to rise.  Rise to the challenges of life.  Rise to meet your dreams.  Just plain rise.  Negative language, as one would deduce, works exactly in the opposite way.

Since all brains work the same, the optimist has either learned positive self-talk along the way or according to some studies was born that way.  The optimist will distance herself from negative life situations and tend to congratulate herself on positive life occurrences.  Pessimists will dismiss their positive life occurrences as dumb luck, diminishing their efforts.  Pessimists love being the victim.  Optimists love being the victor.  

Self-talk, whether it comes out of your mouth or it stays in your head…affects your perspective.  Regardless of genetics, it is possible to move from being the victim to being the victor.  Positive self-speech can hep you push toward becoming the victor.  It’s a choice.  It takes work but it will be worth it.  There’s money in it.