Choose Winners

“Lend me an ear and I’ll sing you a song….”

Choices.  Choices.  Choices.  I think about them everyday.  Everyday.  Today, it’s about friendship.  For someone who feels as though they fit in everywhere and nowhere at all, I’ve had some pretty good people enter my life.  A whole lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing, too.  

With whom you spend your time is a choice.  An important choice.  A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found friends can bond together by providing support for good or bad.  Unconsciously, you become like them through this bond.  

Friends can encourage you to stick to your goals or they can tempt you to procrastinate, or worse.  Regardless of their reasons, the latter I wouldn’t call friends, and I’ve had a few.  Unfortunately, the determination is not always cut and dry.  It may take awhile, especially if you are too trusting.  That’s always been my downfall.

Friends should celebrate your victories, and inspire you to reach higher.  They should respect you and what you do.  They should be excited about your dreams.  They should be people you can learn from.  They should be be driven to succeed.  

There’s an old saying…If you hang out with 9 losers, you’ll become the tenth.  Choose wisely.  

“…I’ll get by with a little help from my friends.”

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