Angad Art Hotel

Angad Arts Hotel.  Friday afternoon.  It’s a hotel.  It’s a gallery.  It’s an all-around art venue.  Several months ago, there was a grand opening.  A grand opening here.  Complete with a tour of each color-themed room.  Green.  Blue.  Red.  Yellow.  Yellow for happiness.  Red for romance…you get the idea.  All art-filled luxury.  

However, today, on this Friday afternoon.  I’m here for the gallery.  I park on the street.  It’s a beautiful day.  My heels are comfortable, somewhat.  I’m in no hurry.

The gallery is ground floor.  Right inside.  Seriously, you can’t miss it.  For a hotel that’s all about art…genius.  The floor, solid concrete.  Cracked elegance.  The North wall is a wall of doors.  Open one and find a visual surprise.  Pick up the head phones and listen in.  

Though again, today, I’m here for the newly installed Spring Exhibit.  Nick Schleicher.  Brandon De Sha.  Briana Kagy.  Zach Smithey.  All St. Louis artists.

It’s an atheistically appealing collection.  Modern and familiar.  Schleicher evoking thoughts of Rothko.  De Sha stirring my own personal memories.  Kagy, with her black and white “Touch- Me-Not Before” piece, I am taken back to the 50s.  Smithey, I can’t not hear KC & The Sunshine Band…but that’s just me.

Maybe I’m wrong.  I think I’ll take a seat and do a little research.  Did I mention the installation of chairs down the middle of the gallery?  Not sure if they are serving a dual purpose or not, I choose the floor.  

I start with Nick Schleicher, painter.  At, “his work ranges from color field abstractions focused on the process of painting as informed by astronomical imagery to sculptural forms inspired by domestic display.”  I revisit his work.  I still feel Rothko.  Very different but both have strong blurry fields of color.  Nice.  

De Sha, photographer.  The piece I’m drawn to, Untitled Collage #4, I believe it’s from his “Silent Hell” series which is described as “a series of self-portraits created as a means to express the personal experiences of struggle and inner turmoil.”  Memories are not always fun.

Kagy, printmaker.  “Touch-Me-Not Before.”  An image of the plant by the same name.  Black and white foliage.  Nope.  I still feel the 1950s.  A time when things were more black and white…not a lot of room for gray.

Jumping ahead.  1970.  Smithey’s “Stripe Series.”  As I said, I can’t get the disco music out of my head.  I love it.

Again, that’s just me.  My first and very surfacy impressions.  I can go deeper.  I can tie the blended ballad of color that is Schlecher’s to the black and white “Touch-Me-Not Before” and all it entails of the 1950s to the “Silent Hell” some experience with the Boogie Oogie Oogie era.  I can go deeper and draw a connection that will tangle its way through this exhibit.  I can do that but then, I risk a heaviness.  It’s Friday.  I’m wearing heels.  Today, I choose yellow and perhaps a drink on the rooftop bar.  It’s quite the view.

Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin' and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive. ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive, ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive