My Day as an Artist

Coffee.  It’s 4:30am.  Coffee.  My husband is leaving at 6:00 for a golf tournament.  I get the day to myself.  A full day of uninterrupted work.  Sort of.  You’ll just see how uninterrupted my day will be.

Coffee.  My second cup.  Devotion done.  Time for meditation. Positive thoughts.  Breakfast.

5:30.  Shower.

6:00.  He’s out the door.  I’m on my own.  Do I get a third cup?  No.  Not today.  At least not now.  First things first.  Bossa Nova on the Bose.  A rough sketch.

It’s now 7:00.  Where did that hour go?  Positive thoughts.  Positive vibes.  Ahh.  “The Girl from Impanema.”  I wonder What she looked like?  Pretty sure she doesn’t look anything like this sketch ‘cause it’s a he.  

I stop to change the music.  I’m just going to hit shuffle.  Stretch my back.  Check my phone.  It’s time for Kombucha.

Should I start a load of laundry?  Sure.  Up the stairs.  Whites.  Now, down two flights.  Laundry is in.  I climb back up two flights.  

7:30.  Finally, I get to paint.

Wow.  It’s noon.  Have I really been painting that long?  What song is this?  Food.  I need food.  Laundry.  Crap.  I forgot to put it in the dryer.  Down two flights.  Dryer is on.  Up the stairs.  I grab some water, a protein shake and some strawberries.  I check my email.  Facebook.  That’s a hilarious cat video.  Social media.  Blogging.  I hate it.  I always feel misunderstood.  Nothing is ever interpreted how I mean it.  Come on.  Positive thoughts.  Take your own advice.

1:00.  Back to work.  That looks like crap.  What was I thinking with those colors?  COME ON.  Positive thoughts.  I step back.  Tilt my head.  Take a deep breath.  Start again.  Step back again.  Ugh.  Is that the door?

That’s my husband.  It’s 3:00pm.  Did I get anything done?  Sigh.  

As I wash out my brush, I come back to the positive thoughts knowing it will all come together.  It’s not where I want it to be today but tomorrow.  In the words of Nina Simone, “It’s a new dawn.  It’s a new day.”  Find me on social media: f

Find me on social media: f