Choose Abundance

Recently I saw a graph defining the scarcity versus abundance mindset.  See an excerpt from the graph below.  I believe it is from Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”


Point of View:  You’re a victim, a bully, or simply checked out.

Mental Energy:  Confused, disorganized, narrow in your thinking, only focusing on what’s not working.  Typical thought pattern:  “I have no choice.”


Point of View:  You’re in the driver’s seat.

Mental Energy:  Feeling of clarity, the ability to perceive multiple angles, listen actively, and notice something new, what would it be?”  Creative agency.  Nonjudgemental beginner’s mind.

I keep coming back to the “I have no choice” attitude of the scarcity mindset.  Aside from circumstances that you were born into, some health conditions and possibly weather related incidents, life is nothing but a series of choices.  One choice leads to another and another…all through the day.  Day after day after day.

Choose abundance.