Where's Your Focus?

If you have read my bio page in its entirety, you’ll know I love seeing what people focus on, including me, and not just in my art.  For me, this fascination goes with me all day.  I am constantly paying attention as to where my mind is and I am amazed at how two people can see things so differently.  

Most of the time, I am left marveling at how differently I see the world.  It’s probably why I like abstract, expressionism and the combination of the two.  It’s definitely why I like contrasting white and black, black and color, and color and white all with metalics.  The viewer will see something, feel something I never did.

In addition to art, I’ve taught yoga for years.  Cues are important.  In a class of 10, nine people will hear my cues and they will do exactly what I mean and what I say, while the one does only what I say.  It makes me laugh.  They aren’t wrong.  It’s just that they did not interpret my cues as I intended.  It’s funny how two people can see, hear and bring so many different interpretations to the same thing and not be wrong.