One-of-Kind Gift

Ever get frantic about finding something special for someone?  Take a deep breath.  Finding that one-of-a-kind gift is easier than you might think.  Galleries, museums and Etsy are fantastic sources for that unique and unusual gift.

Ideas are endless.  Seriously.  From decor to jewelry to the less personality specific soap, bottle openers, candles.  The range of items runs the full gamut from elegant to eclectic.  Whatever your interest, you can find an artist who crafts it.

Alternatively, for those who love the  rustic and old, find your unique gift at an antique store or flea market.  Reuse or repurpose.  Bring its story and you’ll hit a home run on uniqueness every time.  

For me, I love glass Christmas ornaments.  And every year, I have a friend who gifts me a handblown glass ball for my tree.  Each one is different yet just as beautiful than the next.  And every time I decorate, I think of my friend and am grateful for her, her love of art, and her self-less gifts.  These Christmas ornaments will bring me great joy for years to come.  You don’t have to wait until Christmas to gift them, either.

Get out there and help art find its way home.