Tips for Storing

As an artist, my creativity can get dumped just about anywhere.  To studio to kitchen to living room.  Pretty much because creativity strikes whenever and wherever it wants.  Though it’s common for the process to be a messy one, remaining messy is not ideal for fostering creativity.  

Creativity takes space.  If your creativity has slumped, try finding more space with these these 3 tricks.

1. Go vertical

Floor to ceiling shelving is my choice.  Everything I use regularly is stored within easy reach.  Those items I use infrequently are stored high or low.  Shelving is also great for storing pieces while drying, allowing you to work on multiple projects at once.

2.  Contain it.  Label it.  Store it.

Ok.  Ok.  We all use containers somehow, someway, somewhere.  However, don’t just use them.  Maximize how you use them.  Store like items together.  Label the container with a quick description or color code them.  Store bought containers work.  Clean empty tin cans work, too.  Old boxes.  Jars.  Baskets.  It’s your studio.  Get creative.

3.  Toss it.  Pitch it.  Throw it out.

Stop holding on to things that are holding you down. If it’s out of style, broken, or just no longer useful, it has to go.  There is no space for it in your studio.  Be honest with yourself.  If you haven’t repurposed it in the last two years, more than likely you are never going to put it to use in the future.  It’s just that simple.  It’s freeing, and “freeing” leads to creativity. 

Though it should go without saying, always clean up after.  If you don’t use the container or shelving, it’s no good in putting them in place.  Stay organized.  Keep creating.

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