Start.  Stop.  Write.  Erase.  Start over.  And over.  Procrastination.  I overheard a conversation the other day about  procrastination and the creative process.  Long story short…every new project stirred fear and doubt and thus…procrastination.  This person was trying to decide if they should work through the issues at hand or just accept that it is part of the creative process for her.  

Side note…I rewrote that sentence 3 times.  Turned on Macy Gray, and grabbed a cup of coffee.  I’d prefer a mojito.

Is that procrastination or ADD?  As I read back through my writings, all of my writings, there is a lot of that.  Start. Stop. Write, Paint. Start over.  Is it fear and doubt that keep me dragging my feet.  Or is it really part of the creative process?  Is it normal?  

The mint on the deck is growing like crazy.  I stop to pick some.  Took time to clean it.  More stalling.

Possibly frustration?  Most likely.  I don’t like the starting process.  Starting is the infancy stage.  Things don’t always work.  It’s messy.  Time consuming.  Aha!  Doubt.  There is doubt.  Will it work out?  Of course.  But when?  How long?  Why didn’t I just take the path most taken?

Do we have any soda water?  It’s Friday isn’t it?

Doubt.  It so sucks.  The starting process.  It so sucks.  However, if you don’t start, you can’t finish.  If you don’t finish, you can’t have a mojito.