Staying Organized

Being disorganized could be hurting your business, even in the world of art.  If you can’t find the number or remember the name of the contact you made yesterday or last week, you could lose out on a potential sale.  Perhaps you have no idea what’s in your inventory or where a particular piece is located.  How would you be able to offer it to a customer?

Here a few tricks to keeping everything organized.

  1. Scale down your online presence.

Don’t spread yourself too thin on the online platforms.  Not every platform will be a good fit for your business.  Social sites take work.  You have to engage with the audience.  Too many sites, can overload and overwhelm yourself. So, there is no need in using them all.  However, there is a need to get your art out there.  Pick a few social sites and galleries. Get to know them.  Test them to see how they work for you and what kind of time you have to devote to them.  If they are working, stick with them.  If you have more time, try a few more.

  1. Quit living by the seat of your pants.  

Take time to plan.  Set aside Friday afternoon or Sunday night to prioritize your goals for the week. Don’t get over-zealous.  Be realistic as to what you can and can’t accomplish.  Set reminders for yourself so you know what’s in the pipeline.

3.   Inventory. 

The more work you produce and the more you show, the harder it is to keep track of where each piece is.  Therefore, taking stock of your inventory is essential.  Keep a list of titles, dimensions, year completed and price.  Keep track of sales and who you sold each piece to.  There are plenty of online resources to help you with this.  Old school notebooks work, too.

Organization will help you save time and have a better sense of how your business is doing.  Remember, art is a business.  Therefore, business rules apply.