Business Side of Art

The truth is if you are in the business of art, it is a business.  And the business side of art deserves as much attention as the art side. 

You are an entrepreneur.  You own your own business.  You are your own production line, marketing department, sales, accounts receivable and accounts payable departments.  You are, also, your own finance department which also means you are in charge of your cash flow and retirement plans.  And all these departments are just as important in your business as they are in any business.  

And as a small business owner, improving your business skills as well as your production skills will serve you well.  And there are plenty of online blogs, vlogs, and courses you can view and/or take or books you can buy t use as learning resources.  You can find anything all the information you could ever possibly want on marketing, finance, sales, and so on.  And since technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever it would be best to consider this a life-long endeavor.