5 Acrylic Techniques to Try

Acrylic.  It dries quickly.  It cleans easily.  It’s simply lovely.  It is also very versatile  There’s just so much you can do with acrylic.  So, if you are one who gets bored doing the same old thing over and over again, acrylic is the medium for you.  Here are five techniques to switch things up and add a little fun to your painting

  1. Palette Knife

It’s kind of like frosting a cake.  Palette knives allow you to smear large patches of color, working quickly you can blend colors easily and smoothly.  If rustic, unpolished is up your alley, palette knives give you that streaked look simply by scraping some of the acrylic off you canvas.  

      2.  Textured Materials

Textured materials such as Black Lava, glass beads, and molding paste are readily available.  Both can be mixed with acrylic to create a 3D surface.  They stick to just about anything and hold whatever acrylic you mix in.  Get creative.

      3.  Glazes

Glazes create an opaque look.  Just mix the glaze with the color and apply it over an existing color.  The glaze will allow what is underneath to show through.  You can create layer on top of layer.  Glazes increase the drying time, giving you more workable to time to create.  

      4.  Metal Foil

Create that metallic look with leafing.  Simply add some glue, preferably glue made specifically for leafing.  Allow it to dry to a tacky consistency.  Place the foil down and gently peal off.  The foil will stick to whatever shape you create with the glue.

      5.  Resin

A two-part resin can be poured onto your board or canvas to create a varnished look to your finished piece.  Be Sure to read the directions before use.  It can be tricky but the end result is worth the effort.  It shines like glass and gives depth to the acrylic.