3 Ways to Learn from Your Competition

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.  All you have to do is make a better wheel.  So, your competition has plenty of information to provide you, and most are willing to share techniques, stories, paths.  

1.  Find the successful artists; the one’s that are recognizable; the present day ones.  Find artists whose work is similar to you.  Perhaps you already know of them; perhaps, you’ve already emulated their style.  They will have insights as to what products they like; why they like them; they may even give reviews on their website or youtube.  

2.  There’s always more to learn than just style.  View their websites, and social media sites.  Study what they post.  Where they show.  If their work is similar to yours, it stands to reason their path might work for you.   

3.  Artist Guilds, and communities and organizations for the arts are always a good source of information.  Find the ones that that are willing to share, especially the ones online, and be willing to reciprocate.  Like, comment, share their work on your sites.  Ask questions.  Give your input.

Getting to know people who have already figured it out can save you time and energy.  You can use their knowledge and build upon it but be sure to then pay it forward.