Tips for Turning Rejection into Insight

Rejection sucks.  Plain and simple.  Perhaps you have been turned down from an exhibition,  not invited to an art fair or ignored on your social media sites.  They all can sting. However, it proves you are doing what is necessary to put yourself out there, just like any entrepreneur.  So, don’t take it personally.  Use the situation just like any business manager would, as a tool for improvement. 

So, once you receive that first “no” and after every “no” thereafter, (and you will receive a no) calmly examine what went wrong.  Begin to analyze the situation.  You will find ways to make improvements.

     Did you follow the rules exactly?

     If it was a blind submission, did you remove your name entirely from the application?

     Did you turn your application in on time?

     Were your images clear and professional?

     Review your artist statement.

     Did you tell your story?

The list goes on.  Sometimes, it’s helpful if you can attend the show that you didn’t get in, so that you can compare your work to those artists were accepted.  Sometimes, art fairs will provide you with applications and images from all those who applied.  Take full advantage of that information.  

And remember, each no is one step closer to yes.  The trick is not to just keep going, but to learn as you go, using each rejection as insight for improvements.  If it were easy, everyone would be an artist.