The Emotional Connection

Sales.  It’s all about the benefit a product has to offer.  When it comes to art the benefit is mostly emotional.  Art is rarely just a functional purchase.  Yes.  Art fills a space.  But it does more than just fill a void.  It creates an atmosphere.  And through that atmosphere, personality is expressed.  It’s the expression of personality people are buying.  The connection to the work is what the buyer seeks.  They want how it makes them feel and they want to share that side of them with their family and friends.  

So, understanding what it is your art conveys is the key to finding your audience.  The key to selling your work.  If you aren’t clear about what emotion your art evokes, start by asking your friends and family how they feel when they view your work.  Listen to the people who buy your work.  They will tell you.  

If they don’t volunteer the information, ask.  Share your connection to the painting, and then ask what their’s is.  Ask what drew them to their purchase.  Ask what it in particular they like about he piece.  Just ask.  Sometimes it may not be the painting itself.  At a show in Chicago, I had a customer who purchased a piece simply because of the name.  The name reminded her of the drive up The 101 freeway from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  She had fond memories of that drive.  Coincidentally, that was the inspiration for the piece.  

Once you have derived at the emotion connection, sell the emotion.  Work it into your story.    Sell the story.  And see where it leads.  I bet it leads to sales.