5 Tips for Hanging Your Art

1.     Hang the Showstopper

    Display your work using your best, high-end piece at the center.  Because it’s an eye-catcher, it will create traffic within your booth and help sell the other pieces around it.  Make certain to display work at all price levels within your booth to have something to offer for everyone.   

2.    Hang at Eye Level

   Eye level is the best placement for selling products.  Any one who’s ever worked retail can attest to that.  No one wants to bend down to look at your artwork.  So, take advantage of the eye level strategy by hanging your best pieces at eye level.  

3.    Hang in Odd Numbers

     Even numbered arrangements tend to lack interest.  Odd numbers tend to be more eye catching. So, set up your display in threes or fives to keep the eye moving and maintain customer interest.  

4.    Create a Flow

    When hanging your work, think of the grouping as a work in and of itself.  Try to create a flow from piece to piece just a you would when creating each one on its own.  The flow will keep the customer’s eye moving from one to the next and back again.

5.    De-Clutter

     Remember less is more.  Now that everything is in place, step back and check your arrangement.  Are your pieces crowded?  If so, space them out a little.  Give each piece enough room to be viewed.  Cramped spaces and clutter can create uneasiness and that’s the last thing you want your customer feeling.

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