Wall Art

Made for decorative purposes, wall art is usually a print of an original.  It’s what you buy at Target, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel.  It’s not for every artist.  But it is something to consider when you are picking your style and defining success.  For me, it’s how I got my start.  

As a full-time corporate employee, I didn’t have much time to devote to art.  If I was going to pursue art as a career rather than a hobby, I had to turn out work rapidly, utilize my time wisely.  Every minute counted.

Acrylic dries quickly but the process is not always speedy.  The preparation alone can be time consuming.  A change of clothes.  Paints.  Gels.  Glazes.  Brushes.  And then there’s the clean up.  Acrylic can’t be left out.  My fifteen minute time slot was up and the canvas was still blank.  

I needed something I could walk away from, come back to, finish quickly.  Mixed media wall art fit the bill.  Rarely, do I sell the originals.  They are turned into prints and then used for marketing purposes.  The prints are sold in large quantities over a number of years.  I keep it separate from my other work, which explains one of my split personalities.  

Now, even though I am no longer a corporate employee and am in charge of my time, it still fits the bill.  I still do it.  I still love it.  It cures burn out.  Spawns creativity.  Again, it’s not for everyone, but if time is an issue for you, give it some consideration when selecting your style and defining your success.  You might find it fits.