Find Your Style

By now you’ve figured out what you do well and what success is to you.  Sounds weird coming from someone who appears to have three different styles, four if you go back far enough.  I’ll get into my split personalities later on.  For now, just listen to what I’m saying, not what I’m doing.  

Define your style.  It doesn’t matter what your style is.  There is a market for it.  Trust that.  Do what you do well.  You’ll produce better art that way anyway.  

You might encounter more headaches and frustrations from other people telling you to paint realistic flowers when you prefer abstract people or expressionistic landscapes, but you won’t win following someone else’s dream.  Remember, you’re not playing their game.  As you learn to ignore those people, too, you’ll begin to realize there is good to come from headaches and frustrations, too.