ArtResin Vs Envriotex

Reducing exposure to as many chemicals as possible is a must whether they are known to be cancerous or not.  So, if it says it’s non-toxic, I’m in.  But are the non-toxic products as good?  Some are.  some you have to learn to manipulate them in order to live with them.  

Having used both, Envirotex and ArtResin, I can honestly say, I’ll take the non-toxic (when used as directed) ArtResin every time.  

Both are a high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat and both are simple to use.  Both crystal clear resins protect your work by creating a durable finish that protects against yellowing.  Both are great for jewelry, wood, and enhancing your finished painting.  

But what are the differences?  Why do I prefer one to the other?  

ArtResin is one of the safest products on the market.  It has no VOCs or fumes; it is non-flammable and is certified non-toxic which equates to being healthier and safer.  That is the biggest and best advantage.  ArtResin also has superior customer service and support.  Their website has great advice, tips and tricks.  Additionally, it seems to have a longer working time.  So, for large projects that is a huge plus.  

The downsides…ArtResin seems to be bubble a bit more.  I, however, like the imperfections the bubbles create.  If you are one who strives for perfection, ArtResin will take a little more time and manipulation.  It also takes a full 72 hours to cure as opposed to 48.  But as I said, the upsides outweigh the downsides.  I’ll take the healthier ArtResin anytime.  However, I don’t risk anything anymore.  I still use a respirator and gloves while working with all products regardless of current day claims.  

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