The Great Pumpkin

Though I do love a pop of color and the orange of a pumpkin definitely gives you a lot with which to work, decorating with white pumpkins has become quite alluring to me.  A small grouping of three tangled in a twig of orange berries makes a beautiful centerpiece.  

If you veer toward darker colors, the traditional orange pairs well with deep purple lilies, as does a blue gourd.  Place on your mantle or vanity.  Pair in odd numbers for greater impact.

For the front porch, the skies the limit when it comes to pumpkin carving.  My favorite this year is the polka-dotted pattern.  Randomly placed dots or geometrically designed lanterns shining brightly at night are just stunning.  

Pumpkin decor transitions seamlessly into Thanksgiving.  When you’re taking down the skeletons, witches, and black cats, your pumpkin display can hang around a little longer.  So, pull out the inner artist in you, and create your masterpiece.

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