Crawl out of that box...

“It's close to midnight

Something evil's lurking from the dark…”

Decorating doesn’t have to be limited to fabrics, furnishings and arrangements.  Creating a mood is what decorating is all about.  When it comes to Halloween, there’s nothing better to set the mood than smells, sounds, and cocktails.

For me, it’s not Halloween without the Monster Mash album, a few scary sounds, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Keep the playlist of eerie ghost howls, creaky doors, and clapping thunder on while the kids are trick-or-treating.  Then start the party with Alice Cooper’s Ghouls Gone Wild, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising, or The Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil.

Spiced candles.  Bonfires.  Both help to sell the sizzle.  Pardon my attempt at a pun.  Fog machines or dry ice add the right amount of creepy.  

Check back at the end of the week for the perfect party cocktail recipe, and more DIY ideas. It’s Halloween. Time to crawl, I mean think, outside that box.

“You hear the door slam

And realize there's nowhere left to run…”

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