Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point.  I’m not an interior designer but even I know that.  Your eye needs to land somewhere.  It’s a basic design principle in all disciplines. 

Being an artist, I love art and art does wonders for creating a focal point, especially a triptych.  The triptych is a three piece series.  For the greatest effect, it should be hung so that it appears to be one great big piece.

Another great option is a dark wall.  If it’s up your alley, try using black for a bold punch.  Going bold brings out your personality without saying a word.  Luckily, the ways of achieving boldness are endless.  Color, accessories, furnishings.

If you’re lucky enough to have great architecture, your focal point is built in.  Use it.  Let it shine.  Windows, fireplaces, built-ins can all be show stoppers.

Find the focal point of every room and build around it.  Remember, focal points are the art of the room.