The Art of Decorating with Less

To create a warm and livable minimalistic space, a lot of effort is required.  Otherwise, you will be left with a cold, sterile environment.  Don’t worry.  Here are a few ideas to help you out.  

1. De-clutter.  De-clutter.  De-clutter.

Clutter is not minimalism.  Obviously.  Give you surfaces space.  Select only a few items to display.  Choose items you love and those that have meaning.  Then, store the rest.  Taking advantage of furnishings that do double duty helps with any storage issues you may have.  For example, try using trunks as coffee tables.

2.  Learn to Love Empty Space

In order to de-clutter, you will have to learn to embrace the negative spaces.  There’s no need to fill every inch of every surface.  Minimalism works with the bank spaces allowing the items on display to shine.

3.  Got Great Architecture?

If you have a space that has great architectural detail, highlight it by letting it stand alone.  If you have great windows, don’t dress them with bulky curtains.  Keep your mantle sparse, to show off that beautiful fireplace. 

4.  Quality over Quantity 

Since less is more, every item is important.   Cheap, broken or disposable knickknacks will make an impact, just not the impact you are hoping to make.  Therefore, go for quality to make every item count.

To recap, instead of cramming shelves full of dust-collecting knickknacks.  Don’t over crowd.  Give your items and architecture plenty of room to make an impact.  Be selective.  Choose meaningful quality pieces and love blank spaces.  Remember less is more.