Large Scale Art

Love it!  Want it!  Gotta have it!  There’s nothing that makes a bigger impact in a room than a great big canvas.  The bigger the better, most of the time.  Believe it or not, there’s always room…

The Bedroom-Hang a large expressionism piece behind and above the headboard.  Instead of a statement wall, make it a statement piece!

The Living Room-above the couch is a perfect spot for that oversized piece.  You can either drop one large piece or an oversized triptych.

The end of the hallway or landing on the stairs- Go full scale.  Paint a mural from floor to ceiling.  Use every inch of space.

Bathroom-Ok.  You got me there.  A great big canvas may not work but you could substitute with a Moroccan tile.  Carry the floor tile all the way up the wall to the ceiling.

Go big and go home!

The Eclectic Room

A beautifully successful eclectic room takes more effort than one might think.  Though it looks as if it were thrown together in a hodgepodge, willy-nilly way, it has not been.  It’s actually been carefully thought out and created around one particular style.  The hodgepodge comes from the other styles that are mixed in to support the main look.  

Since the eclectic design blends elements from many styles, start with neutral palettes that let you accessorize the room with pops of color.  Carry that through with diverse textures to tie the different decorating styles together.  You can easily swap out the accessories with different colors as seasons or moods change.

Subtle Or Bold

Most of my work for years was in the neutral palette, with a pop of color, or perhaps, colors. The splash of color created a statement.  It drew attention.  In a room filled with shades of whites or browns, it stood up and said, "Hello.  I'm here."  

Pick the pop that's in style or simply choose your favorite.  Either way, don't be afraid to say, "Hello.  I'm here.”