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Q and A with …

St. Louisan, Fine Artist, Natalie Avondet                         

Natalie Avondet has only been in St. Louis for six years and already has commissions hanging in many homes, lobbies, and conference rooms throughout St. Louis.  Clients include billion dollar IT firm, Perficient; Coldwell Bankers Property Management; and award winning, Domash Designs.  She also works with Grafica Fine Art Gallery, interior designers and architects.  Her works have been shown throughout the Midwest, LA and Germany.

T:  Why did you choose your particular style and medium?

N:  It just sort of evolved.  I've always been a fanof Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter.  To me, their work is timeless and versatile.  After a tour of an icon factory in Greece, I was mesmerized with the gilding process.  I'm not Mark Rothko or Gerhard Richter, nor am I a skilled gilder.  And I'm not trying to pretend I am.  However, I hope their influences come through in what I do. 

“The answer is from everywhere, anything and everything.” 

T:  Where do you find your inspiration?

N:  People always ask that question.  The answer is from everywhere, anything and everything.  Horizons.  Seascapes.  A smudge of paint.  It could be basically anything I observe that I blur into what you see on canvas.  However, I prefer people become “co-creators” and find their own inspiration in it.

A:  What pushed you to continue your art when there may have been obstacles?

N:  I wish I had an easy answer for that.  Everyobstacle comes with its own set of challenges, and thereby, different paths around them.  It sounds cliche but if you just keep focusing on what you want, the course you are taking in life, and the end goal, as well as believing in yourself, your heart, you'll find a way around, through or over whatever is in your way.

Natalie welcomes commissions and to view more of her work, please visit her website at natalieavondet.com.