Artist's Block

Artist block.  Yep, it's the same as writer's block, but instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, it's a blank canvas, glaring at you, daring you to create.  And just like a writer working through their own clogged, foggy moment, you paint.  Yet, nothing you paint is appealing or even appalling.  

Still you paint, and paint, and paint until there's nothing but brown.  Your reds, blues, and greens have all merged to create exactly what you are feeling, a whole lot of meh.  You start again, and again, and again...until. alas, you see it.  That something.  

That something that takes you to your next something and it begins to form.  Layer on top of layer, it, that once blank white canvas, has transformed into what it was meant to be and you, little ole you, won.

Q and A

Q and A with …

St. Louisan, Fine Artist, Natalie Avondet                         

Natalie Avondet has only been in St. Louis for six years and already has commissions hanging in many homes, lobbies, and conference rooms throughout St. Louis.  Clients include billion dollar IT firm, Perficient; Coldwell Bankers Property Management; and award winning, Domash Designs.  She also works with Grafica Fine Art Gallery, interior designers and architects.  Her works have been shown throughout the Midwest, LA and Germany.

T:  Why did you choose your particular style and medium?

N:  It just sort of evolved.  I've always been a fanof Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter.  To me, their work is timeless and versatile.  After a tour of an icon factory in Greece, I was mesmerized with the gilding process.  I'm not Mark Rothko or Gerhard Richter, nor am I a skilled gilder.  And I'm not trying to pretend I am.  However, I hope their influences come through in what I do. 

“The answer is from everywhere, anything and everything.” 

T:  Where do you find your inspiration?

N:  People always ask that question.  The answer is from everywhere, anything and everything.  Horizons.  Seascapes.  A smudge of paint.  It could be basically anything I observe that I blur into what you see on canvas.  However, I prefer people become “co-creators” and find their own inspiration in it.

A:  What pushed you to continue your art when there may have been obstacles?

N:  I wish I had an easy answer for that.  Everyobstacle comes with its own set of challenges, and thereby, different paths around them.  It sounds cliche but if you just keep focusing on what you want, the course you are taking in life, and the end goal, as well as believing in yourself, your heart, you'll find a way around, through or over whatever is in your way.

Natalie welcomes commissions and to view more of her work, please visit her website at

Service & Design

Purchasing art is so much more than taste, price and hue, especially when commissioning a project.  It's concept to completion.  The art must fit the design.  It must fit the space, and it must colorfully coordinate.  And that's just the basics.

Hopefully, your search for art began with finding a professional, and I don't use that word lightly.  Whether you've chosen an interior designer, architect, artist rep or the artist herself, she should listen, advise, and complete, just like any profession.

This week, I had the opportunity to work with a team of professionals; architect, designer and gallery.  With tablet in hand, the architect/designer listened to the building owner and designed on the spot, creating digital renderings for the visual aids.  

The artwork style and color must match the proposed ambience and decor.  The size and proposed hanging came down to the inch.  No detail went unnoticed.  

Now, it's my turn.  

A Splash of Color

Most of my work likes in the neutral palette, with a pop of color, or perhaps, colors.  The splash of color creates a statement.  It draws attention.  In a room filled with shades of whites or browns, it stands up and says, "Hello.  I'm here."  

Pick the pop that's in style or simply choose your favorite.  Either way, just don't be afraid to say, "Hello.  I'm here."

The Law of Attraction

What you think is what you get.  Like attracts like.  Pretty simple.  But getting the results you want takes training the mind to focus on that which we want to create.  Not so simple.  It takes practice.  It takes persistence.  It takes work.

Quite frankly, the law of attraction is a skill.  Just like any skill, it must be developed. It’s not enough to just want something.  You must use the power of your thoughts to attract it.  

Once you decide what it is you want in life, you must begin to prepare for it.  On every conceivable level…material, physical and spiritual.  

Our life is a series of choices.  Once choice leads to another which leads to another.  Just like one thought leads to another which leads to another.  Once we know the direction we want our life to go, set a plan.  Turn your thoughts in that direction.  Make choices that will lead you down that path.  Imagine what it will be like when you achieve your goals.  Then, enjoy the journey.  

Painting is much the same.  Once you decide to paint, you have to decide, at the very least, what colors you wish to use.  You clear an area.  Lay out your tools.  Change your clothes.  All material.  Then you begin the physical/spiritual.  You focus, and you paint.  At times you may be dissatisfied with the way your work is going, and you have to step back and begin again.  But you begin again.  One stroke followed by another.  Your thoughts directed toward the outcome.  If you stay focused and you keep applying paint, a painting will emerge.  


Subtle or Bold?

Adding art to your space can take several different approaches.  The trend for several years has been the collective approach, combining several pieces with slight differences to create a more cohesive feel to any room.  This approach can be a mix of two or more similar prints or paintings on opposing walls or a grouping of three or four or more on a single wall.  Both create the same aesthetic calm but fill the space differently.

Alternatively, you can try setting the tone with a single oversized piece.  Depending on the print, photo, or painting, you can stick with the visual calm of the collective approach by opting for an oversized, abstract landscape of muted colors or try going bold.  Create a dramatic feel by choosing an oversized, colorful cityscape.

The choice is truly yours.  Just remember to coordinate your artwork with the rest of your decor.