Parallax:  the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer.

“As an artist, I love the idea that each piece of artwork has the ability to evoke a different experience for each viewer, depending on their focus and how that focus changes.  Every time a person views a painting they should see more and feel more.  New memories, smells, emotions, and beliefs should surface.  Each day we are exposed to new things.  It only stands to reason, that our connection to a piece of artwork can emerge anew with each new day.  Regardless of whether it’s my Striation pieces or my Light Within pieces, we can change our focus and our focus can change us,” Natalie Avondet.

Matching your decor or logo color is also not a problem.  If you are looking for something that specific, commissions are welcomed.  If in the St. Louis area, please contact Lynn Bozzay at Grafica Fine Art Gallery (314-961-4020) directly for further information.  If outside the St. Louis area, please contact Natalie at  Natalie consistently works with interior designers and personal clients in the St. Louis area to create unique pieces for corporate work spaces and homes.  

Natalie is originally from a small town in Southwest Missouri. After graduating from the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism, she started out representing Coca-Cola and The NFL for placement within film and television.  Upon moving to Kansas City, she parlayed her sales experience into the world of finance as a Series 6 and 63 financial professional.  She continued to pursue her passion, designing for posters, fabrics, and accessories.  Taking her talent further, she moved into fine art becoming represented by New Space Gallery on Melrose in Los Angeles, and while in Kansas City, she exhibited her work in the renowned Crossroads district.  Additionally, her works have been shown in Germany, and have been purchased worldwide.

“I’m a city girl with a country soul.  I like a combination of old and new, urban and rural, gritty yet delicate.  I prefer cats to dogs, and hot to cold.  I believe in running wild and running free; and searching for the Good,” Natalie Avondet.


It's not what  you look at that's important, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau